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  • Michelle Schwartz

Renew Your Skin this Spring

Your skin reaches its peak dryness about halfway through winter and whether you’re knee deep in snow or waste high in ocean water, caring for your skin is key. Bring it back to life with a regimen that includes, chemical-free, nourishing emollients and, of course, essential oils. Follow these tips for great looking skin:

• Long, hot showers and strong cleansers dry the skin. Take shorter, more tepid showers during the winter months. (I know this is difficult because a hot shower just feels so ahhhhh! on cold, snowy nights!) Switch to a cleanser formulated with a moisturizer. Sprinkle 12 drops of essential oil on the shower floor for a pleasant aroma while showering but be aware that it could be a little slippery.

• Retain skin moisture by applying a light skincare oil such as grapeseed, sesame or jojoba to wet skin after cleansing and patting dry. Add 2 drops patchouli and 4 drops gentle lavender, chamomile or geranium to each ounce of skincare oil.

• Use cocoa butter for deep moisture – melt it down and add sweet almond or apricot kernel to it for a less dense, but still heavy moisturizer. Slather on dry feet and cover with socks before bedtime.

• Castor oil is a wonderful addition to a dry skin bath. Fill the tub and add ¼ cup of castor oil to the water and soak away the dry skin.

• For a simple soother for dry lips, combine 1 Tablespoon of Macadamia oil and ½ Tablespoon of vegetable glycerin to soothe chapped lips. I also love, love, love Nanaks! It's the only lip balm I use.


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