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  • Michelle Schwartz

Get Uplifted with Citrus!

With the holidays behind you (and decorations neatly tucked away with fond memories), mid-winter is the perfect time to refresh your environment — and your spirits. Here's how the clean, uplifting scents of citrus oils can help brighten your winter. Tips to lighten your mood with citrus essential oils: • Sprinkle 5 to 7 drops of sweet orange on shower floor in the morning. • Use grapefruit and peppermint in a car diffuser. • Keep a bottle of tangerine on your desk and inhale whenever you need to be uplifted. • Diffuse a combination of lime, eucalyptus and tea tree to purify the air. • Add lemon to household cleaning products. • Use mandarin orange as a fresh, personal essence. • Diffuse bergamot and rosemary to inspire creativity.

Grapefruit Tea Tree Foot Bath Turn any down time in front of the TV or reading a book into a rejuvenating spa experience with this easy foot bath. A great purifying treatment, this will revitalize the whole body while softening calloused heals and toes. Follow up with a foot scrub. Ingredients: 1/3 cup sea salt 12 drops grapefruit oil 6 drops tea tree oil Basin of very warm water Directions: Sprinkle sea salt with oils and mix. Dissolve into basin of water and soak feet for 15 to 20 minutes. Motivating Workout & Purifying Gym Spray 4 ounces water 12 drops sweet orange oil 6 drops lemon oil 6 drops tea tree oil Directions: Combine oils and water in a spray mister bottle. Shake vigorously and use as a motivating air freshener during workouts, or to lightly spray and wipe down athletic equipment before using.

Some of the oils listed may not be found on our website even though we have them stocked in our shop. Please call for availability.

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