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Activated Charcoal

This charcoal is not from the Kingsford or similar briquette that is pressed together by chemicals. This charcoal is the black remains of fire consisting of carbon and ash. It is obtained by burning off the water and other volatile constituents from animal or plant substances. Ash consists of the noncombustible contents of whatever was consumed by the fire. It is high in minerals and metal content and is also a disinfecting agent.

Charcoal is used for a variety of things:

  -in the purification processes, respirators, air conditioning systems and in the clean-up of waste gases.

  -used to clean soil of contaminates and acts as a soil conditioner.

  -good treatment for nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and controlling flatulence.

  - works well in conjunction with herbs

  -can help relieve tooth ache, infected gums and whiten teeth. ( I dip my toothbrush in charcoal and brush. Some people may have sensitivity if doing this daily.)


To treat little ones with diarrhea: mix charcoal powder with bananas.

Charcoal is said to be an excellent detoxifier for the whole body cleansing as it has the ability to absorb most drugs, excess cholesterol and triglycerides. Virtually every hospital across the country has charcoal on hand to deal with drug overdoses, food poisoning and other poisoning from toxic substances.


Charcoal may also be used externally in poultices to treat gangrenous ulcers, itchy skin, and insect bites and stings. They have also been found to be helpful for the pain associated with sore throats, earaches, irritated eyes, sprains, inflammations and bruises.

Charcoal is not meant to taken as a daily supplement. It only helps if used along with good health practices and a nutritional diet.

For more information on this amazing product get the book Charcoal Remedies by John Dinsley

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