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  • Michelle Schwartz

Aromas of Sweet Summertime

Imagine yourself on a white, sandy beach with the waves crashing a few feet from your towel. Warm sunshine and a glass of lemonade in hand completes the near-perfectness of the moment. Ahh - sweet summertime! Use these bright, citrusy aromas to send your senses into full sunshine mode!

Sweet Summertime Diffusion

  • 2 drops AC Fresh Ginger Essential Oil

  • 2 drops AC Ylang Ylang III EO

  • 3 drops AC Sweet Orange EO

Mix together oils and diffuse for a bright aroma!

Sweet Summertime Body Oil

  • 6 drops AC Fresh Ginger EO

  • 6 drops AC Ylang Ylang III EO

  • 9 drops AC Sweet Orange EO

  • 2 oz. amber glass bottle

Blend together oils in bottle and massage into skin for a fresh and bright body oil.

**Some essential oils may not be available on our website. Please use our contact form to check the status of those oils.

+ AC=Aura Cacia

+ EO=Essential Oil

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