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  • Michelle Schwartz

Start-Up Spices for Newlyweds

Headed for domestic bliss? Setting up your kitchen with new linens, appliances, gadgets and, of course, cooking ingredients is so much fun! Be sure to include an array of

seasonings to get your cooking off to a delicious start. The Spice Shack has every top-quality spice and seasonings you'll need.

Here are some suggestions for the basic spices you'll want to stock in your kitchen. (For a smaller starter list, go with the key spices we've starred.)

A starter spice kit makes a great gift, too! If you know a couple about to be wed, consider putting together a creative gift presentation of seasonings. Place the spices in a colander with a fun dishtowel and some wooden spoons, for example, or arrange them in a cooking pot along with oven mitts or in a serving bowl with cloth napkins. Here's some examples of some that my sister and I have done:

We had fun with this one! Not only did we add some of my spices but we also put in some items we found at Marshall's.
This was a wedding gift for a friend.

This was a Christmas gift for an employer of mine.

Enjoy setting up your kitchen, finding great recipes and cooking delicious meals. Our hearty best wishes and congratulations!

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