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Contains caffeine.Approximately 5 cups/lb.BOTANICAL NAME: CAMELLIA SINENSISORIGIN: CHINA

2895-Bulk Young Hyson, Green Tea, Organic, 1 lb.

  • Young Hyson Tea has been compared to a forest after a spring rain, with aroma and flavor that is earthy and wild, yet delicate. It's delicious hot or iced. To enjoy, pour 6 oz. simmering water (170º F preferred) over one teaspoon of tea. Steep 2-4 minutes, strain and serve immediately. Green teas have the least caffeine of all true teas. Classic green teas contain the highest level of antioxidants. Our special green teas have additional aroma and flavor components added to the leaf through flavorings, bits of fruit, essential oils, herbs, flowers and sometimes roasting.
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