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BOTANICAL NAME: Boswellia sacra 
ORIGIN: Somalia

Frankincense EO is obtained by steam distillation of the gum resin.

Frankincense Essential Oil, 0.5 fl. oz.

  • Characterized by a sweet, balsamic aroma. Often used in face creams and oils for aging skin. To make a calming mist: 10 drops frankincense, 4 drops sweet orange, 4 drops lavender, 1 oz. water in a mister. IF PREGNANT, SUFFERING FROM ANY MEDICAL CONDITION, OR TAKING MEDICATION, CONSULT A HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONER BEFORE USE. AVOID EYES AND MUCOUS MEMBRANES. DILUTE PROPERLY • MAY IRRITATE SKIN. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
  • The ground ash from burnt FRANKINCENSE, known as kohl, was used to create the distinctive eye makeup of ancient Egypt.

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