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BOTANICAL NAME: Capsicum annuum 
Approximately 5 cups/lb.

The pods are smoked using oak wood in a slow process which can take 48 to 72 hours to get the appropriate smoke flavor and aroma.

4426-Bulk Paprika, Smoked Spanish, Ground, 1 lb.

  • Use paprika to add color and a slightly pungent sweetness to any dish. Try it on cheeses and spreads, hors d'ouvres, salads, egg dishes, marinades and smoked foods. Add it to the flour used for dusting poultry, meats, and seafoods, and include it in salad dressings, where it will both add color and work as an emulsifier (to combine the oil and vinegar). Mix with olive oil and rub between the skin and breast of a roast chicken, add to deviled eggs or egg salad, spice up hot or cold tomato soup, mix into guacamole dip. Add a little smoked paprika to vinaigrette and toss it through a salad.
  • -Smoky-sweet flavor and deep rich color.

    -Grown in fertile Murcia region of southeastern Spain.

    -Slowly smoked over an oak fire.

    -Stone ground.

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