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Select grade. (minimum 75% whole stars)BOTANICAL NAME: ILLICIUM VERUMORIGIN: VIETNAMApprox. 8 cups per pound.

2891-Bulk Star Anise, Whole, Organic

  • Star Anise has a strong, licorice-like aroma and taste; similar to fennel. May be used to freshen breath. Star Anise is a rust-colored, hard, dried fruit from a small native evergreen tree of southwest China with six to twelve boat-shaped pods, each of which contains a hard seed. Because star anise and aniseed have the same ingredient (anethole), which gives them their similar flavors, the cheaper star anise can often be substituted for aniseed. One crushed star anise equals about 1/2 teaspoon of crushed aniseed. CHEF'S TIPS: -Add a star anise to a roast or other meat dish that is slow-simmered for several hours. -Drop a star anise into a brew of boiled or sun-steeped tea; sweeten the tea and remove the star anise before serving over ice.
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