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BOTANICAL NAME: Carum carvi 
ORIGIN: Canada
Approximately 4 cups/lb.

Caraway seeds, also known as Persian Cumin,  taste like a combination of dill and anise. They have a very distinct, sweet, warm, biting flavor.

109-Bulk Caraway Seed, Whole, 1 lb.

  • Rye bread lovers are familiar with caraway, but it's also delicious in biscuits and crackers, spiced seed cake, candies, cookies, cheese, pickles, apple dishes like pie and applesauce, noodle dishes, and herb butters. Try caraway seed in creamy soups and sauces and with a variety of vegetables--like beets, potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, cucumber salads, asparagus and creamed onions. Caraway lightens the flavor of heavy meats and is often sprinkled on mutton, roast pork, liver, lamb and stew meat before cooking.
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