Hot heat level with a sweet, maple, hickory smoke, orange, floral flavor profile. Delicious on chicken, pork, beef, grilled pineapple, eggs, coleslaw, potato or macaroni salad, bacon mac & cheese, ANYTHING that needs a kick!

Three Kings Seasoning Blend & Rub

  • Habanero pepper is considered very hot at 100,000–350,000 units on the Scoville scale, but Caboose Spice & Company has found a way to make it accessible to everyone.

    By balancing that heat with sweet organic maple sugar, orange peel, and hickory smoke to bring out the habanero’s delicate floral notes. Instead of allowing that heat blowing out your palate, Three Kings helps you to experience the delicate undertones of this complex chili. Fenugreek’s sweet, nutty flavor further compliments the floral notes of the habanero pepper.

  • Mix 1 container of plain hummus and 1 tsp. Three Kings. Serve with pita triangles or fresh veggies.