Mild heat level with a smoky, sweet, citrus/lemon, bright, fresh flavor profile. Delicious on fish (trout, halibut, tuna, and more); salmon (grilled, poached, fried, baked); seafood (lobster, shrimp, crab); vegetarian dishes, avocado toast, popcorn, roasted nuts, salads, pork loin and chops. Basically everything!


It’s not widely known, but the Pacific Northwest has an incredible BBQ heritage.

In the heritage of the indigenous peoples of the Columbia River Gorge and surrounding area, PNW BBQ carries notes of aromatic vanilla and citrus from Western Red Cedar and alder, and centers mainly around the gorgeous native Chinook, Coho, Steelhead, and Sockeye salmon.

River of No Return Seasoning Blend & Rub

  • River celebrates the best of the Pacific Northwest with Salish alderwood-smoked salt and sumac (an herb that grows wild in the mountains and tastes like citrus.) Caboose Spice & Company adds in a touch of brown sugar for sweetness, marjoram for freshness, chili and garlic for a teeny kick, and black pepper for warmth and depth.

  • Mix 1 tsp. of River of No Return with 1 container of whipped cream cheese. You may add more if you wish. Serve with Wheat Thins or other crackers.