Mild-Medium heat level with a smoky, warm, sweet, savory, nutty, licorice flavor profile. Delicious on anything BBQ - especially pulled pork, chicken, beef, homemade BBQ sauce, vegetables, salads, apple pie, stir fry, teriyaki, or just use your imagination!


Named after the Old No. 1 vintage trolley car in Butte, Montana, which traversed the hilly streets on tours of  this melting pot of a mining town. This seasoning blend’s vibrant and diverse flavors reflect the bright colors and cheerful nature of that old trolley car as its little kick of heat reflects Montana’s rugged, can-do spirit.

Old No. 1 Seasoning Blend & Rub

  • Old No. 1 adds a seductive warmth to the sweetness of brown sugar with smoked paprika, anise, cinnamon, cloves and oregano. The perfect amount of kosher salt balances the warm, nutty heat.

  • Cut fresh pineapple into bite sized pieces and toss with Old No. 1. Serve speared with toothpicks.