This black bean soup has a depth of flavor that rivals homemade only it's a lot easier to make. Add a ham hock to make it even more rich and flavorful. Use this mix to make black bean and corn salad or sheet pan nachos.


Soup leftovers freeze well but I doubt you will have any left to freeze!


The pepper on the top is a Nora chili pepper, the mildest of all the peppers and is often used to make smoked sweet paprika. Add this pepper after the beans are cooked and remove it before serving, if you'd like a little more heat chop it up and leave it in the soup.


This soup is not hot spicy - Cuban food doesn't pack a lot of heat.


Vegan, vegetarian and made with gluten free ingredients. No added salt, sugar, MSG or preservatives. Primarily organic ingredients. The beans are certified organic and verified gluten free.


Makes 10 cups of Cuban Black Bean Soup

12 oz.

Cuban Black Bean Soup

  • organic black beans, bell peppers, onion, tomatoes, garlic, Nora pepper, spices