3/8" diced peppers.

Approx. 10 cups/lb.

2000-Bulk Bell Peppers, Red & Green Diced, 1 lb.

  • These dehydrated peppers are a colorful addition to soups, marinades, and dips. Use them anywhere that you would use fresh peppers. Dehydrated bell peppers are perfect for camping mixes--add to your grains or seasoning combinations for delicious (and light in the backpack) fare. To rehydrate bell peppers before adding to dishes in which they won't be soaking in liquid--like omelets, beans, wraps, salads, and stir fries, simply soak one part peppers in two parts cold water for about an hour. To substitute for fresh peppers in a recipe, use about 1 tablespoon dried sweet red pepper for about 3 tablespoons chopped bell peppers.