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  • Michelle Schwartz

What Is Bohnenkraut?

I had a customer call a few weeks ago looking for "bohnenkraut". She had gotten it from family in Germany and was wondering if we could get it here. After some research, I found articles by other people that said similar things. They got it in Germany but couldn't really find it in the US.

For starters, the translation is "bean plant". Hmmm....okay. It's actually an herb with the botanical name of Satureja hortensis. And if you look that up you will find SUMMER SAVORY! Ta-Da!

Summer savory is an annual milder in flavor than the perennial winter savory. It has a lighter aroma and sweeter taste than winter savory and would be reminiscent of oregano. It can be strong but not as strong but still less bitter than the winter variety.

In cooking, it is considered a must in bean recipes, especially green beans. Is that how it got its name??? You will also find summer savory in the French blend Herbes de Provence.

Summer Savory complements not only dried peas, beans and lentils but it also does well with other herbs: parsley, dill, basil and tarragon. Fresh leaves are often used as garnish on a variety of dishes. Use your imagination and happy cooking!

Classic German Green Beans Recipe: Fresh summer savory, garden-fresh green beans, beef bouillon, parsley, and butter are all that's needed for this delicious side dish. (

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