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  • Michelle Schwartz

18" Amish Dolls

Oh to be a little girl again!! I have always loved dolls and actually played with them well into my teens. I saved my favorite one that took a pacifier and a bottle. She made noises while eating and could cry and giggle. She looks a little worse for the wear now but I have the best memories when I look at her. Little girls are just meant to have dolls...or at least one special one that they can cherish.

The 18"dolls we have are similar to American Girl dolls. They can fit the AG clothes and accessories but there are only 5 to choose from, whereas with AG there is any option imaginable. Let me introduce you to the girls:

ABBY - has blue eyes, blonde hair

EMMA - has brown eyes, brown hair

MARIA - has brown eyes, black hair

OLIVIA - has green eyes, red hair

MADISON - has brown eyes, curly black hair

They all have soft torsos with moveable arms and legs. Their eyes have eyelashes and blink. Don't get me started on the hair! It is so soft and fun to play with. I think it is their best feature! Each one comes with a dress and underwear. I am requesting that you email or call to order these if you want a specific color dress. You can request colors like yellow, pink, blue, etc. but we cannot guarantee shades and material type. I could send pictures of what is currently available in each color but that's the best I could do.

Other accessories are available.

Hair Brush

You may need a brush for Maria's hair. Or maybe Madison needs some low top sneakers. Emma's eyes are in need of eyeglasses. Olivia needs a shawl and bonnet for church. How fun to dress them in different outfits!

My sister makes all the dresses, pinafores and aprons right here at home. Their are three styles of dresses that she has been using. She has also made some nightgowns to experiment but we don't have any for sale yet.

The low top sneakers come in white, lime green, pink, and lavender.

The eyeglasses come in black, pink, gold, and lavender.

We have two styles of coverings: a white veil which is generally what Amish ladies and girls wear when working or for around the house.

A traditional Amish Kapp is what ladies and girls wear when going to church, weddings or other gatherings.

The dolls listed on the website are dressed as you see in the pictures and are priced accordingly. A basic doll will come with a dress and underwear and starts at $40 each.

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