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  • Michelle Schwartz

Clear the Air While Traveling

Traveling can be a stressful time — especially if you suffer from motion sickness or are anxious about transportation, accommodations or the constant changes in routine. Let essential oils help you reduce your tension, settle your stomach and enhance the enjoyment of your trip. They can be easily incorporated into your travel plans. Before you leave on your next trip, experiment to determine which essential oils are most effective for you — which will help calm your nerves, lift your spirits, or ease an unsteady stomach, for example. Based on this select a few oils to take along with you when you travel. If you're packing little bottles of oil, be sure to close them tightly (a bit of tape around the neck of the bottle is added insurance), and place them in a well-sealed plastic bag, just in case of spills. Carefully pack a diffuser, if you like, to improve room ambiance and provide the benefits of your selected oils throughout your stay. Sachets are another way to bring scents along -- simply tuck them into your suitcase or purse. And be sure to dab a handkerchief or tissue with a settling oil for handy retrieval during travel.

Be mindful of others, though, especially when in enclosed spaces. Your perfectly relaxing aroma might not be ideal for your driver, and strong aromas can irritate others in close quarters with you. Of course, many might enjoy the same scents, and appreciate you sharing them, but it's best to affirm, rather than assume, this before proceeding. The best travel scents include: Calming – Roman chamomile and vetiver Cleansing – tea tree and lime Clearing – frankincense and marjoram Refreshing – peppermint and grapefruit Balancing – lavender and cypress We have more essential oils in stock but not listed on our website...YET. Please contact us for oil availability.

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